About Bilal Nutrition

Bilal Nutrition B.V. has been established since 1998 with offices in the Netherlands and Kuala Lumpur. 

Our team consists of experts in the industry who have established extensive knowledge and know-how in both European and Asian market. Our experience in these markets extend beyond products into market information to provide value added services to our customers and business partners. We have acquired solid working relationships with Halal authorities and worked closely with reputable Halal food manufacturing organisations in Europe, Malaysia and South-East Asia to deliver best-quality products to meet stringent requirements.

We offer vast range of Halal products from poultry, veal to potatoes where we guarantee consistent quality that will suit criteria and preference. At Bilal Nutrition, we can also offer range of Halal functional ingredients from sausage blends, spices, flavours and casings. 

Our Halal Product Development team has accomplished successful turn-key projects with various Halal food manufacturing organisations and is currently working on more projects for the benefit of the industry. Together with our committed Business Development team based in Europe and Asia, we have made Bilal Nutrition a unique and formidable player in the Halal Food industry.