Bilal Nutrition focus on providing Halal Raw Meat materials, ingredients and finished products for Manufacturing, Out-of-Home, Retail and Institutional market. We work with the best partners as we are discerning with our selection  of raw materials which we source world-wide.

Our raw materials are within the Halal guidelines given by Malaysia (ISO 15000/2009) and their Department of Veterinary Services.



  • Manufacturing
    We supply Halal Raw Materials for the Manufacturing industry for their Halal meat processing, by-products manufacture and processed meat products
  • Out of Home

    Our Out-of-Home customers include airports, airlines catering services, public transportation services which provide high-quality halal food to ensure comfort of the traveling population.

  •  Retail
    We supply fresh high-quality Halal Raw Meat to hypermarkets, supermarkets, specialty stores, convenience stores and many more retail outlets world-wide.

  • Institutional

    Our institutional market which include hotels, hospitals, schools and universities buy our fresh high-quality halal raw meat in bulk and have been our customers for many years. The Halal Raw meat we supply to institutional market are Veal, Chicken, Turkey, Buffalo and Beef.



Assortment of veal as well as veal portions, veal cubes and veal bacon slices.


For more information on veal cuts, go to:

To enquire about our veal products, please contact us.



We supply wide varieties of halal chicken including fresh whole chicken, chicken breast, thigh, skin, diced, filet and minced chicken.



Our Halal Turkey parts meet the most stringent requirements.



Halal frozen Indian Buffalo meat include deboned and deglanded boneless meat, striploin, tenderloin, knuckle, rumpsteak, topside and silverside parts.



Halal Ingredients and Additives

We offer a wide range of Halal Functional ingredients including sausage blends, spices, flavours and casings.